Sample Work

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Hangzhou All About History Magazine
How to make a Suffragette Rosette

vaporously Knitting Magazine & Making Jewellery
Knitting Magazine: Feature – All Knitters Should Learn to Crochet
Knitting Magazine: My Yarn Shop – The York Makery
Knitting Magazine: My Yarn Shop – Miss Lemon’s Wool Shop
Knitting Magazine: Review – Tunisian Crochet
Knitting Magazine: Review – Granny Square Home
Knitting Magazine: In Stitches – Flocking to the Plain
Making Jewellery Magazine: Our Favourite Gemstones – Citrine
Making Jewellery Magazine: Our Favourite Gemstones – Fluorite
Making Jewellery Magazine: What’s On

without Interviews
SciFiNow: Eoin Macken
SciFiNow: Victor Garber
SciFiNow: James Dashner
SciFiNow: The Maze Runner – Dylan O’Brien & Thomas Brodie-Sangster | Kaya Scodelario | Wes Ball | Spoilers for The Death Cure
SciFiNow: Stephen Amell
SciFiNow: Candice Patton
SciFiNow: Andrew-Lee Potts
SciFiNow: Chris Claremont
SciFiNow: Mark Millar
100 All-Time Greatest Comics: Chris Claremont
100 All-Time Greatest Comics: Mark Millar

The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Disney Broadway Hits

Production Editor
Buzz Magazine Summer 2013 – Check out the latest issue online now.

For information on the my designs for Buzz, check out my design portfolio.

Box outs
Various box outs that were written for SFX Magazine in 2011
SFX: Grimm Up North 3
SFX: Fordingbridge Film and TV Festival

Blog: Teen Wolf: What’s in a name?
SFX: What if Shakespeare had written for Buffy? (28/05/2013)
Publishing Degree: Placement at Future Publishing: SFX Magazine (29/05/2013)
SFX: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gallery (17/05/2013)
SFX: Vampire Special (01/2012)
Total Film: The Talent (09/2012)
SciFiNow: Top 10 Missing Moments from the Harry Potter films
SciFiNow: Teen Wolf Season 4 – Who is the Benefactor?
SciFiNow: Avengers 2 – What we know from new Age of Ultron photos
SciFiNow: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration – Voyager

News Items
SFX: Neil Gaiman Returns to Sandman (24/05/2013)
SFX: Book Trailer: The Bone Season (24/05/2013)
SFX: Bryan Singer Teases Days of Future Past (24/05/2013)
SFX: Charlie Higson’s New Competition (23/05/2013)
SFX: Star Wars Animation Returns (20/05/2013)
SFX: Adventure Rocketship! Launches (19/05/2013)
SFX: Happy Birthday Mother’s Basement (14/05/2013)
SFX: Link-a-Mania (04/08/2011)
SFX: Link-a-Mania (04/11/2011)
SFX: Cuarón’s Gravity Is “Completely Insane” (12/08/2011)
SFX: Child Changes Everything in Underworld Awakening (11/11/2011)
SFX: The Borrowers Could Possibly Become a Series (11/11/2011)
SFX: Twilight Scripter, “Breaking Dawn was daunting.” (11/11/2011)
The Lady: The Daily (06/06/2012)
The Lady: The Daily (07/06/2012)
The Lady: The Daily (08/06/2012)
SciFiNow: New Fantastic Beasts Posters…
SciFINow: Supergirl/Flash Musical Casts Its Villain
SciFiNow: Rogue One: Sneak Peek at the new film this Friday! 
SciFiNow: Deadpool 2 Gets a Director
SciFiNow: iZombie Season 3 airdate announced
SciFiNow: Bone comic adaption lands a director
SciFiNow: Star Trek Discovered

Design Work
See Design Portfolio

Transcription Examples
SFX: Katie McGrath
SFX: Joe Gilgun
SFX: Bernard Cribbins
Various interviews for SFX, Total Film and Radio Times

Helped assemble World of Whedon for Kindle and Star Wars Episode Guide for Kindle both for SFX Magazine.
Rants and Raves for SFX: Issue 214
SFX Couch Potato: Page 1 | Page 2/3